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Our projects

  • Jump or not: Jump or not is a proactive, international fund raising site. Jump or not is searching for the opportunity to test the courage and will to act of the most famous people, in order for charity.
    If you are curious as well what famous people are willing to do for a good reason, will they sweat, scream or fulfill the challenge with an impassive face: join us to let them face the challenge as soon as possible.
    We created Jump or Not, because we want to center the elimination of the garbage patches and moreover the help to other organizations in this international charity program. We recreated the definition of charity and we thought now is the time to reform this activity and beside reaching our goals giving something new to our supporters.
    You can find more information about Jump or not on
  • Wannabefame: We love creativity, arts, that's why we want to support talented people on our own way, so we created a site, where anyone can upload their *** from soap bubble blowing, through sports to operas. We want this site to be one, visited **** by those who are curious about new talents, and we are happy to welcome those, who want international fame after they've reached it in their home country.
    For more information, please visit
  • Elimination of the garbage patches: The mass of garbage getting into our oceans and seas reaches such amounts nowadays it will damage the food chain, the nature's harmony, waters' quality in the near future and this could lead to the desolation of our planet. We have been waiting for a miracle just like you for a long time, someone else will handle the problem, we have seen promising signs, but none of these have become reality yet. A few months ago a group of people made a decision, we won't wait longer for anyone, especially not for miracles, we decided we will get in the fight for ourselves, for you, for our children and for our planet. In this fight we call upon any helping tools and people on the planet, as you can help us in numerous ways:
    • It's not a problem if you don't have money, share this site and idea with others, at least on your social sites, talk about it with your friends.
    • The next time you are about to throw a plastic bag or bottle away, remember, there's a good chance you are the part of the garbage patches' growth, and their consequences.
    • With your hard work, as you can apply for a post on the ship or for the program created to clean up the coastal areas (see down below).
    • You can be our activist, please contact us in this case.
    • You can help us with any tool of yours you don't need anymore.
    • And of course with money.
  • Coastal cleaning for vacation: We would like to help any coastal areas not capable of cleaning any kind of garbage on the beach or in the water or just want to decrease the prices of the cleaning, by the following ways:
    • We would like to send students from middle and high schools in case of need, who in return for the costs of traveling, accomodation and food will collect the garbage and do social works in the given amount of time.
    • For this programm you can apply as a student. The requirements are easy:
      • Contact us about your application at
      • Attach your school's recommendation(s)
      • You need to be at least 16 years old to apply, but in case you are less than 18, attach your parents' approval!
  • Exhibition village: We wish to establish bulding from different historical eras with different functionalities in which we wish to show activities and professions of the specified era. We want to employ only people who are homeless at the moment, providing them shelter and work.
    Our idea can be well integrated into the school systems, can be a tourist attraction assuring housing, jobs and reintegration into society for about 50-60 people.